Practice War (1.2)

Hello everyone!


Since Itatchi can’t come to today’s PW, we’re going to have to cancel this week. Next week, the Red Raiders will be fighting the CPR since this week we were unable to hold it. Anyway, new posts next week!




10 Responses

  1. today for u is still yesterday for me!

    Dee: I guess…I am really starting to dislike timezones…Anyway,anyone in the CPUn can request a PW for next next week.

  2. I would like TWW to have a practice War next week! Can it be Friday the 13th, at 12:45pm PST?

  3. the bad luck day (Friday the 13th)

  4. wat server???

  5. You actually believe Friday the 13th is bad luck? (No offense).

  6. no but others do

  7. lets have this practise war be in Sabretooth Server (Red Raider’s Capital)

  8. Hmm…not bad idea.

  9. I found and joined a great web site for UN penguins – you can join a log for free

  10. Ok, well, I’ll try meeting you guys there. Cyall. That’s a great time by the way. Navy’s on standby though…


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