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    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Practice War

Hello there!

Time for a practice war. This Saturday, the CPR and the Red Raiders will be having some fun. I would love to let the Navy join a practice war too but there are some things I need to attend to. I’ll be busy on the Navy. After this practice war, I will be declaring more for the other armies. PWs will be held every week, Satruday 7:00 (am) PST at the Dojo.

Note: To all leaders, please tell me if you are located at the Middle east or in Southeast Asia or somewhere that is far from USA normal time since some people are awake while others are asleep (Like me lol). I can then change the time of that PW.

Thank you, enjoy!
I will try to get there and watch you guys. Also, you can invite anyone to join your army temporarily in PWs and if you can’t go to a PW, tell us as soon as you can. And! If you want your army to be on next week’s practice war, comment this post. You can also request someone to be your opponent and I will be arranging it. 😀



10 Responses

  1. I understand that the CPR and RR are having a pratice war vs. eachother, but I don’t know the time because I don’t know what type of time you put on the post. Can you please make the time of this war in Penguin Standard Time.


    CPR Supreme Commander

  2. ahh ok. Lemme change the post. hey wait a minute! Youre online at the same time as i am! Cool! Others are asleep at this time

  3. actually dee, u commented that about 2 hours after ktman which is not bad. Which server will the PWs be held? ill probably be able to make it but i usually do house chores at that time XD. ill tell u if i can make it or not later. As for the other raiders, most of them dont kno about the red raider site so ill probably have a max of 5 in the PW. If all my raiders knew about the red raider site then i would have 20 penguins in the PW!

  4. Oh and im located in east US. So i have eastern standerd time which is 3 hours after penguin time. So the pw would be 10:00 a.m. for me.

  5. no wait i cant make it! I have a Karate Tournament an hour after the Practise War starts! Can u make the Pracise war the Saturday after that and wat server will it be in?

  6. Hmm…we should discuss this on the Summit Room.

  7. Oh, and something I forgot to mention now
    PRA fell.

  8. I forgot to mention this: PRA fell. Everything on their site has been deleted.

  9. I forgot to mention this: PRA fell. Everything on their site has been deleted. That means they’re not part of CPUN anymore, and they should be removed off the blog-roll.

  10. Ohh? Even our news source (cpairlock) was deleted. Hmm…yeh, they were meant to be good allies. Ok, i’ll edit this post again with the server. Also, Our time here is one hour before PST (if it is am in PST, PM here ex. 7am PST = 6pm uh here).

    I’ll try to stay up late today so I can meet you guys in the chatbox. If you go to these sites, be sure to keep yourself in the box (in another window if nessasary).

    Oh yeah, Itatchi, uhm well…then we’ll move you next week. But who shall we put up against CPR? Shall we cancel it or quickly choose one of our members?

    I’ll be seeing you guys in the box tonite.


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