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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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News and Actions

Hello everyone.

You have all probably noticed that I have not been participating well. Well, that was because of some examinations I ahd been taking. Now, I am back.


Ktman, leader of the CPR, has reported to us that a new (army or organization) will be planning to threaten us. The call themselves the Club Penguin United Troopers. We do not know what this ‘thing’ is but we will have to try to negotiate or make peace with them. If things go bad, we’ll have to make a war with them. This will ‘war’ can be large because both sides are United with other penguins (I think). CPUN has many armies on their side. I just don’t know if CPUT is the same. I need some people to find out more about this CPUT.


Members of CPUn, are you really IN the CPUN? Please participate more. We can not keep you in our list if you do not help around. I know some of you just join for NOTHING. Please. If you are part of us, let us know. Comment! If you are not, tell us, and then we can take your army’s name off the list. We cannot have armies that don’t participate on our list. I need all armies to get any representative to comment this post saying that they are in the CPUN. Those who do not reply to this in 2 weeks will be taken off the CPUN untill they ask for a request again.


We missed the war. ACP Embassador 1 of the ACP, reported to the Navy (or BCP or whatever our name is) and in the CPUN that a war will be held at 3 PST. Well, I was not here to inform all of you. I am deeply sorry. I am also very dissapointed that some armies to not cooperate with us. Anyway, I will research for more battles that will happen in the future so that we can participate and so that we can be more noticed in the CP world.


Also, the Navy has created a sub army. The Brotherhood Of Club Penguin. The BCP is now recruiting extra members for the army. BCP is part of Navy. They are the same. Soon I (DEE) will be making a captain for the BCP. I am just not sure what will happen to the Navy just yet. I might be changing it’s name and uniform. The BCP’s uniform will be changed soon too.


Practice war! We will be having a practice war on Thursday (GMT+4) 1:00 PM. I will be giving further notice on who shall go against who. I just want all armies to be there. The place is DEEP SNOW U.S., SNOW FORTS, DOJO.


Thank you!


Please send in your army’s name to this post…




49 Responses

  1. I think the problem isn’t that people are joining for nothing, but because we aren’t having events. We should hold a vote.

  2. On how to resolve this problem.

  3. My (The CPR) army is in the the Club Penguin United Nations. Also, here is a link of the army that is threatning us’s site. http://cpunitedtroopers.wordpress.com/


    CPR Commander In Chief

  4. The other army claims you were out to ambush them. We should have a vote on what we should do. I personally think that if war can’t be prevented, the Elites should help out. I mean, the CPUT made war on them to destroy them, but never officially ended it.

  5. we arent gonna go to war with you. I swear I am am coleader of that army. I wont go to war with you i mean it. We have nothing against you. KTman is the one that is threatning us. So anyway.. wanna become allies?

  6. Im not threating CPUN!!! My allies MW went to war with CPR so I joined in because I thought MW would appreciate some extra support.

  7. im in the cpun and i already kno alot about cput. CPUT is an army not an organization like us so we have the advantage. I think we should just go to war with them so we can wipe them to their senses and tell them to not bother us!

  8. itachi you know barely about CPUT, you shouldnt put your nose in other armies business.

  9. Let’s have a vote soon.

  10. Lets hope CPUT don’t destroy us…
    And i havn’t been participating because we never do anything actually exciting! And what would the time for the war be in Eastern time?

  11. This is Louistania!

    ACPE1/Navy Ambassador 1 told me to leave a comment on this site if TWW still wishes to be in COUN and on the Blogroll – TWW does want to continue their admittance in the CPUN

  12. This is Andrew575 King of Sleet Empire so yeah…

  13. Eh…Those troopers threatened the AOH and IPDC also…

    And ACPE told meh to leave a comment so heres the rebel president of wool socks

  14. Eh…Those troopers threatened the AOH and IPDC also…

    And ACPE told meh to leave a comment so heres the rebel president of wool socks

  15. I didnt threaten them! I dont even know who IPDC are either! You guys are blaming crap we didnt do on our army!

  16. Sweet we’re all still here.

  17. the CPUT is pretty weak not many allies

  18. I see. This should be easy, then. Just a tiny battle, not another long war.

  19. oh yea and my army is Red Raiders caz u guys wanted us to submit our armies here.

  20. I’m thinking of quiting. Why? Well I missed the war. And, we aren’t really doing anything!

  21. Whats the site for CPUT? I can try and destroy them!

  22. Here is the CPUT site: http://cpunitedtroopers.wordpress.com/

  23. Lol, Not many Allies, then CPUN are going down…dont worry I didnt spell it wrong…

  24. You know what? WW will probably help UT because UT’s leader is highly ranked there. Anyway I haven’t heard of any of the armies here.

  25. Ok. We’re sorry of abusing you. Anyway I didn’t get any proof. we can be allies CPUT. Anyway, this is not an army! It’s a place wear ARMIES, TEAMS, CLUBS, and NATIONS can just get along. You know why we are weak, because all armies started that way. The CPUN’s job is to help armies. Because most of them are getting abused. Who knows, we might be the future armies of CP.


  26. CPUT can not be left without a battle. They have cursed on my site, made pictures of my soldiers dying and being shot, and have blamed me for many things i didn’t do! I don’t remember attacking any of this armie’s stupid allies! They have caused me to hate them is everyway possible and I think to get rid of these this horrid army we need a war!


    CPR Commander In Chief

  27. i kno wat they do to u ktman. but the fact is theres no need for war caz theyre a weak defenless army. It will just be a small battle. The problem is that WW might be involved which will make things harder. Ive seen the CPUT on cp and they barely have anyone! On their site they say they have 18 ppl! The only thing to do is call all armies who arent in the CPUN, for example: Elites and then crush CPUT!

    ~Itachi6dark, Leader of Red Raiders

  28. can you put red raiders on the blogroll?

  29. I’m in the WW. I will check their site to see what is going on. Word has it that WW will make war with the ACP. More news on this later.

  30. Alright, WW has declared war on the ACP because Headofpolice insulted Dialga. If WW help the CPUT, the ACP will probably help the CPR.

  31. but Headofpolice retired from acp so really its not acp’s fault anymore.

    ~Itachi6dark, Leader of Red Raiders

  32. I hear ACP is over! Just check the site!

  33. I found the site of the “League of Armies of Club Penguin”. they r a group of armies combined just like us! UT, NMA and many others r part of it! We need to take this to serious precaution!


  34. oh srry wrong link it is


  35. more news:

    Theres going to be a big invasion of mammoth!
    tomorrow by WW

    i found out that the leader of UT, Troopx113, is a Warlord in the WW! Troopx113 is also the Warlord of Land in the Army Branch of WW! Troopx113 also the got the First Medal in WW just like the creator of WW (Fever/Watex)

  36. ACP is over! Fort just made a post telling everyone!


    CPR Commander In Chief

  37. but Maz wants to revive it and if he succeeds than ACP will be bak

  38. IPDC has been recruiting alot faster recently then before which is great!
    And the troopers did threaten IPDC but i suppose i was a noob

  39. hi ppl how you doing? rember me? if you dont i am Wombat 99 the general of mocp (marines of club penguin) i am really sorry that i have not been on here a lot but i am busy fighting and taking over land. we now control all america severs, all britsh severs, all aussie severs and all canadian severs
    ~Wombat 99~

  40. Well, hello Wombat99. Been a while. How is everything. well, as you can see, there is lots of trouble. I think you shoudn’t shout out loud about ur claims because some people may deny wat u say. This is a big crisis. Oh yeh, Ktman, don’t you think you can settle this by like negotiating? Because, making war (with a member of CPUN starting it) will become very hard for us. They’ve said that they did not do anything…They want peace. Why not let’s just stop and be allies with them? Anyway, ACP is down? They need Oagal. Things went wrong ever since he left.


  41. Ktman: We should negotiate this first. I don’t want the CPUN to go to war with the WW. True, it would make us well known, but we may be outnumbered. I think we should negotiate this on CPUN chat.

  42. Anyway, I think that the fact that PRA and ACP (both ANTA members) fell shows how ineffective ANTA is, especially since the fall of ACP was further helped by a war between ANTA members that ANTA was unable to prevent.

  43. ACP is not over! Ever since Fort made that post saying ACP is over all the soldiers became more determined than ever to revive it and the outcome is that they got bigger than ever!

  44. Don’t feel bad. We can make ACP become more democratic, and then we can have peace with ACP.

  45. I guess it was over…but then it was revived.

  46. I think that might actually be a good thing. Maybe we can convince ACP to have an elected Senate and promote the spread of Democracy throughout Club Penguin.

  47. Ok, I dont see why CPUN has to attack the UT. Its Really (no offence) No YOUR Fight. Its just CPR, trying to get rid of an army by using your stregnth. Little advice: Leave UT alone, and stay out of the War. If CPR still wants a fight, the NMA will be backing UT.
    A Duckie (BeachPig)

  48. Right now we are going to have a vote. CPR brought this to us a little randomly. We need to look into it before voting to make war on the UT or not. Like, who started the war and why, we wonder? Or are they just calling the war off? (I haven’t heard about them fighting any battles lately).

  49. sheesh can we just be allies?? Im sick of this argument

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