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    Welcome to the CPUN™ Official Website! Founded in 2008, the CPUN™'s early goals were to unite armies of different sizes under a code that strictly encouraged brotherhood and fighting for the truth, in a time of significant discrimination towards small armies and associated bodies.

    The CPUN™'s quest for the truth eventually opened eyes in the Club Penguin Army World, and since then has continued to fight for the rights and well-being of all bodies in the universe.

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Hello to everyone.

Dee here. As we all know, C.P.U.N. has released P.R.. Projekt Revolution will be the C.P.U.N. next act. Our plan is to rally and stop the EVIL nachos. Not Nachos…EVIL Nachos. There are many evil Nachos in the Nacho army. Not all are bad. most give bad influence to children. Because of this behaviour, some ACP soldiers are starting to not like the Nachos. The ACP is allies with the Nachos. This means that ACP sildiers are not allowed to attack them. Well, some ACP soldiers are annoyed by this. The Nacho generals allow Nacho soldiers to attack ACP. ACP generals give strict instructions to ACP soldiers to not attack Nachos. So, ACP soldiers just stand there while Nachos throw snowballs at them. I’m giving these ACP soldiers a chance.

Most nations in the C.P.U.N. have had many complaints about the Nachos. Especially the MOCP and the Sleet Empire. Wombat99 (leader of the MOCP) has gone to attack the Nachos long ago. Sleet has been invaded too many times. To aid our fellow, we will be needing to launch this plan. Not only Sleet and MOCP but almost all armies and nations in the C.P.U.N. are being attacked and bullied by Nachos. We will be needing the full cooperation of all C.P.U.N. members.

We are going to give the ACP a chance. All ACP who don’t like EVIL Nachos are being invited to join PROJEKT REVOLUTION. This is your chance. There will be no generals to boss you. This is a rally. Join us and help take down those Nachos that have ever attacked you. Also, this will not be only helping you, but it will be a big help to the C.P.U.N..

Thank you.

We hope you join PROJEKT REVOLUTION.

P.S. Don’t forget, the C.P.U.N. is here to aid it’s members and aid others as one. C.P.U.N. help C.P.U.N. C.P.U.N. help ACP. ACP help C.P.U.N. It’s fair. I bet you ACP soldiers can’t wait to get your hands on the EVIL Nachos. 8)


37 Responses

  1. I think we should have a vote on how to resolve our issue with the Nachos threatening the rights of smaller armies.
    Resolution 1: Democratize the Nachos
    We make the Nachos adopt a constitution limiting the Emperor’s power. That may solve our problems with their government.
    Resolution 2: Destroy the Nachos or shrink them
    We divide the Nacho Empire into CPUN Trust Territories, meaning that the Nacho territories now belong to different nations, and the Nachos are nomads. Or the Nachos still have land, just considerably less.
    If anyone else has solutions to the problem, please suggest them so we can vote.

  2. Resolution 3: Send soldiers after just the evil Nachos.
    I think we should call a meeting of the Security Council and the General Assembly soon so we can vote on which resolution is best. Also people can suggest more resolutions in the meantime.

  3. well Is the IPDC part of P.R?

    I agree with you way too many nachos are running around making fun of ACP while they sit there being pelted.We oughta have a council of War!!!

    WAAAAAAAAR!!!!!! lol

  4. is BAPA part of it?
    Ya EVIL nachos r stupid.
    they like never win wars anyways.

  5. I agree. We should have Security Council and General Assembly gather to discuss what how we are supposed to resolve our issue with evil Nachos.
    Resolution 4: War with Nachos until they agree to follow certain rules.
    We should make it a war crime to attack armies without declaring war, and also help out armies who are being bullied.

  6. I mean, we should help armies who are being bullied it shouldn’t be a war crime to help out those armies.

  7. “is BAPA part of it?”
    Any army can take part. In fact, Mr Deedledoo, I propose that we have a General Assembly and Security Council meeting on how we are going to do this.

  8. Also, ACP soldiers are allowed to help in this war!
    oagalthorp on April 17, 2008

    “Ok, if you can read this, great. The Nachos know about your rebellion. The ACP will not take part in the war as of the time being. I will not stop any ACP soldiers from helping you, but I won’t try and convince the Nachos to stop attacking you, either. This is your battle. If you truely want independance, you shall have it through your persistance, not an ally’s help. But if either you or the Nachos do something the ACP does not approve of, it’ll be raining hell on the rule-breaker.”

  9. Ok. Resolutions are good. So, is this going to be a war? Or just a rally for independence (which is enough already)? Most just wanna punish the EVIL Nachos, not to defeat them. Yes. We will have a GA meeting tomorrow at 5:00 GMT+4. All CPUN shud try to come. This issue must be disscussed. Did oagal say that ACP Emb. 1?


  10. Yes Oagal really did say that but he’s not our leader anymore 😦
    Also, is Flameboy125 an evil Nacho? If he is, follow these instructions:
    1. Go to and join RPF.
    2. Vote for Taylor455 for Second in Command.

  11. Oops here is the link to join RPF: http://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/rpf-comments/
    The reason you have to join RPF is because they don’t let non-soldiers vote.

  12. Yes Oagal really did say that but he’s not our leader anymore 😦
    Also, is Flameboy125 an evil Nacho? If he is, follow these instructions:
    1. Go to http://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/rpf-comments and join RPF.
    2. Vote for Taylor455 for Second in Command. (He is second place in the election race.)
    3. Try and get more people into RPF and get them to vote for Taylor455
    If he is a good Nacho, you don’t have to do this.

  13. I have some RPF news for you. I hear that the Nacho Empire rigged RPF’s elections in favor of Flameboy125, a Nacho soldier.

  14. Okay guys, some info. It could lead to a big CP war. Also Akabob will be the new leader of Nachos even though he isn’t very popular among them. http://armyofclubpenguin.forumotion.com/general-discussion-f5/official-ssacp-post-t5-20.htm

  15. Oh, and please delete this comment because it is supposed to be secret information.

  16. I mean the above comment please delete this comment and the 2 above it.

  17. Okay guys I found another league of nations do you think we should merge?http://loaocp.wordpress.com/about/

  18. More news. An evil Nacho has been picked as Zippy500’s successor. Instead of a good Nacho like Shadow or Terrking, Zippy picked Akabob22 to be his successor. What should we do? Should we tear apart the Nacho Empire, or support a military coup?

  19. no we shouldnt tear them apart i have something in mind to do with nachos and then we shall tear them apart! Plus we still have time since Akabob22 won’t be the leader until summer. I suggest we try to make all the good Nachos leave the army to join one of our smaller groups such as my army, the Red Raiders so all the armies of CPUN will be about the same size and we can take out Nachos!

  20. Okay, if any of you are in ACP, can you vote for Jedimaster17? Thanks!

  21. Dee can u put the Red Raider site on ur blogroll? This site is on the Red Raider blogroll.

  22. Okay, more news. It appears that PRA might enter a war.

  23. Another thing: we need to call a vote to see what we should do about the fact CPR might be under attack.

  24. What do you think?

  25. wat do u think we’ll do? Well my army will try to help them for sure. Theres already 3 armies that r going to war with them!cpr and red raiders have been like brother armies lol. I suggest we investegate y they hate cpr and if its a bad reason we shall help cpr. The armies that hate them is the following:

    United Troopers
    Magma Warriors
    Non-Member Army

  26. Yeah. That would be good. We’ll need the GA to run it considering the Economic and Social Council isn’t up yet.

  27. We’ll try negotiations. But don’t think it will solve all our problems. When England negotiated with Hitler, he promised not to invade any more countries. He broke that promise and that led to WW2. They should have declared war on him earlier to prevent him from doing what he did.

  28. Okay, here is a chance to take out evil Nachos. http://ssacpsecretspyagencyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/05/22/preparations

  29. I say we have a vote on whether we want to do this.

  30. Dudes i dont go on these sites to much cause like. Your 12 people… tests. But i was just goin on CP last night, u know theirs a party, well i went to get the stuff and the Nachos came!!!!! I was goin to my igloo to change it, it was on the map, like 20 Nachos came and attacked me. They reported my penguin. Only for like 2 more hours but still!!!!

    Help peeps help

    Your man,


    P.S. I quit the ACP

  31. Well, if they report you you shouldn’t get banned unless you say something bad.

  32. Anyway, we should have some sort of CPUN meeting.

  33. Dear CPUN members,
    I have an idea that might help us with Project Revolution. We should help (ACP) tomorrow (Monday memorial Day) At white house at 3 pm PST to fight golds, nachos, and uma we will help you. Furthermore, I believe that this is a chance to increase the fame and power of the CPUN members.

    An unofficial ACP Ambassador.

  34. Club Penguin United Nations! I need your help. An army called the Club Penguin United Troopers is gathering up armies to attack us. Can you please considor to get the United nations to help us out?

    Thank You,


    CPR Commander In Chief

  35. Ok. First we’ll need to see who this ‘CPUT’ is. Are they an army? Are they…what? we did not get to join in the fight yesterday. I was on short notice. NOW I HAVE TIME FOR CP. I’m back.


  36. The CPUT is an army whos link is on your newest post.


    CPR Commander In Chief

  37. Nachos are taking over Mammoth!
    We, the IMAF are planning a WW1 on cp!
    Until the last man,
    Battle On!
    Ps. Join us or be allies with us! 😀

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